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Hockey training wooden stickhandling ball

  • FOR BETTER STICK HANDLING - These training hockey balls can help you develop soft, quick hands. Practice at least 10 minutes a day and see significant improvement in your puck or ball handling!
  • 🏑 TRAIN & BUILD MUSCLE MEMORY - Each Swedish stickhandling ball has a contact point similar to that of a puck. Let our hockey training equipment help enhance your muscle memory while playing.
  • 🏑 PERFECT SIZE & WEIGHT - Lightweight and easy to control, each hockey stick handling trainer ball measures 2" in diameter. Practice your dribbling skills, quick moves, and dekes or fakes.
  • 🏑 PRACTICE ANYTIME, ANYWHERE - Use this stick handling training aid for off-ice hockey training. Do drills on wood, tiles, smooth concrete, or even carpets. It's great for pre-game warm-ups, too!
  • 🏑 VALUE FOR MONEY - With 12 wooden balls in a pack, you'll have more than enough hockey stickhandling trainer balls to practice. Each pack provides exceptional value beyond the affordable price.


Looking for an alternative to pucks for your off-ice practices?

Decades ago, hockey players would use golf balls to practice their stickhandling off the ice. The problem is that these balls tend to bounce around too much, making drills and practices rather difficult and frustrating.

Fortunately, you don't have to suffer the same problems as your hockey predecessors did. There is now a much better option than golf balls, and it works exceptionally well as an alternative to ice hockey pucks when it comes to off-ice training.

Our wooden hockey training ball offers you a feeling that’s quite similar to training with an actual puck in the rink. It's designed to move and react to hits in the same way that an ice hockey puck does.


Improve your stickhandling by training with the 12-pack Hockey Revolution Swedish Stickhandling Balls!

You'll notice that our training balls are much lighter than actual ice hockey pucks. This is actually ideal, as training with a light ball lets you practice quick dribbling and quick movements - skills that you can carry back to the ice come game time!

Another thing about our Swedish stickhandling balls is that they don’t bounce around as much as golf balls do. The wooden material offers excellent cushioning with each impact so they're much easier to control.



  • A great addition to other Hockey Revolution products
  • Offers value at an affordable point
  • Lasts longer than most hockey training aids
  • A great gift for hockey beginners or seasoned players