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Hockey Revolution Goal Targets Sharp Shooting Training Aid

  • 🥅 IMPROVE SHOOTING ACCURACY - Our hockey goal training aid has 5 openings that serve as the targets. These aren't too large, so you have to work really hard to make those hockey pucks pass through!
  • 🥅 DURABLE & STRONG - Our target practice aid is made from heavy-duty fabric that doesn't easily tear or rip when you hit it. It attaches securely to the goal post so it doesn't fall off easily.
  • 🥅 FITS STANDARD-SIZED GOALS - Our shooting target aid fits most regulation-sized hockey goals. Installation is easy and takes only a few minutes, so you have more time to practice your shots!
  • 🥅 FOR SELF & TEAM TRAINING - This accuracy training aid can be used as a self-training tool when installed at home. It's also a great training equipment to have for school and club hockey teams.
  • 🥅 BUILD YOUR OWN WORKOUTS - Use the Hockey Revolution app to make every shooting practice more effective. It's super-easy to use and lets you build your own target shooting drills in minutes!

Looking for a device that you can use to develop your shooting accuracy?

Every hockey player knows where they want to put that puck once they hit it. The problem is that those biscuits have a tendency fly anywhere except where you want them to go.

This is why it's important to develop your shooting accuracy, and one thing that can help you with this is a shooting training aid. But with all the choices available, how do you know which one to go for?

The target holes in our training aid are located in crucial spots where you're most likely to score a goal, namely in the corners and right between the goalie's knees. When you're able to direct the puck to these areas with precision, you should be able to send those biscuits wherever you want them to go!

Designed to:

  • improve reaction
  • improve quick thinking
  • train basic shooting movements
  • develop basic body movements
  • train basic off ice training movements
  • train peripheral vision