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My Enemy Pro

My Passer

360 Zone

50 x Hockey Puck


  • MY ENEMY PRO is innovative hockey training aid for stickhandling, puck control, reaction time, coordination and other hockey skills.
  • Swedish Stickhandling ball included with all MY ENEMY products
  • MY ENEMY PRO is made from 7 ribs with max lenght 320cm (126 ”)
  • Put MY ENEMY PRO ribs in different angles to create variation of exercises


My Passer

  • Heavy Duty Passer enables passing from Both Sides
  • Hockey passing training aid for better passing shooting and one-timers
  • With special fixing rubbers MY PASSER stays on dryland training surface, built in special fixing screws for on ice training
  • Intended for on or off ice training use on any flat training surface
  • MY PASSER is durable and high quality product and it is easily portable and can be used by anywhere


  • 360 zone is a training kit from flooring tiles, created from unique dryland surface - for stickhandling, coordination, fitness 
  • Included: 360 ZONE tiles are for interactive practice (with symbols and colors)



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