360 ZONE - stickhandling and fitness surface

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  • 360 zone is a training kit from flooring tiles, created from unique dryland surface - for stickhandling, coordination, fitness 
  • Included: 360 ZONE tiles are for interactive practice (with symbols and colors)
  • Make interactive workout with HOCKEY REVOLUTION training app.

360 zone is designed and tested by professional hockey players and coaches. Training system is durable and high quality and is easily portable and can be used anywhere for off ice hockey training. 360 zone can be used by virtually any hockey player anywhere by placing it to any flat surface.


360 zone in only Training surface for 360 degrees training


360 zone is training area, created from unique dryland surface: 

  • for stickhandling all around with stick,
  • for shooting (area is big enough to work on all shooting techniques)
  • fitness 
  • coordination 
  • peripheral vision


You can use area with rollerblades. 

Create interactive training system with Hockey Revolution Training APP based on My Colors, My Numbers and My Symbols technology.