MY PASSER ONE TIMER - Hockey Passer For Dryland

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Hockey Revolution My Passer One Timer - Lightweight Passing Trainer - Durable Rebounder Equipment for Passing, Shooting and One Timers - Length 24 inches, Includes Mounting Screws & Velcro Stickers

  • 🏒 IMPROVE PASSING & SHOOTING - Our hockey passer rebounder is an excellent tool for developing your passing and receiving skills. It's also a great way to train your one-timers even without a buddy!
  • 🏒 EXTREMELY DURABLE - Our passing trainer is made in Europe and uses only the most durable materials available. This is one hockey rebounder that will keep you company throughout many practices.
  • 🏒 COMPLETE INSTALLATION KIT - Our set includes 2 screws which you can use to fix the rebounder to My Shoot Pad, as well as 6 Velcro stickers for use on any flat surface including My Puzzle.
  • 🏒 FOR INDIVIDUAL OR TEAM TRAINING - The hockey puck rebounder can be installed at home for self-training sessions. Teams and clubs can also use them as passing training aids for their players.
  • 🏒 YOUR PERSONAL COACH - Our hockey puck passer can be used in conjunction with the Hockey Revolution app to make your training more effective. Both beginners and pros will find it incredibly useful.

Looking for a way to improve your passing skills?

Passing is an extremely important hockey skill. Accurate passes can lead to crucial plays that can influence the result of the match. It is generally believed that the team who passes the puck best usually wins the game.

This is why it's important to practice your passing and receiving skills. But how do you do that when you're stuck at home and without a training partner? Unlike basketball or volleyball, bouncing the puck off the wall simply won't do. So, is there a solution available?

Our rebounder is designed to help players enhance their stickhandling, passing, shooting, and one-timers even on their own. The special rubber in the rebounder results in powerful returns when the puck is sent to the sweet spot in the middle. In a way, it also helps to develop your accuracy.


Using this passing trainer also helps you identify your passing weak points.

When you send the puck to the wrong spot, the rebounder won't send it straight back at you. This gives you instant feedback about your performance and you can start working on your passes right away.

Our passing training aid can also help improve your reaction time, especially when it comes to your one-timers. You can use our Sharp Shooter Training Aid as well for a more effective one-timer training and see how well you can execute a slapshot from lightning-quick rebounds.

    Designed to:

    • improve reaction
    • train quick passing movements
    • develop basic body movements
    • train basic off ice training movements
    • train peripheral vision



    Great and very beneficial addition for MY SHOOT PAD and MY PUZZLE (dryland flooring). It's going to help you develop a lot of skills away from the ice. In terms of the construction of MY PASSER ONE TIMER its very straight forward but its very durable and it does the job. Its very light and very stable.

    What's in the Box:

    - MY PASSER ONE TIMER with special rubber

    - Free 6 x Fixing Stickers

    - Free 2 x Fixing Kits

    Make interactive workout with HOCKEY REVOLUTION training app.

    Here are more details about our rebounder:

    - Measures 23.62" x 2.95"

    - Weighs 4.2 lbs.

    - Special rubber for quick rebounds

    - Boxed, ready for gift-wrapping

    Practice your passing and one-timers even without a training partner. Add the Hockey Revolution My Passer to your cart TODAY!


    Length 23.62" (60cm) 31.1" (79cm) 31.1" (79cm)
    Width 2.95" (7.5cm) 2.95" (7.5cm)
    Weight 4.2 pounds 5 pounds 13.6 pounds
    Skill Level Beginner / Intermediate Beginner / Intermediate Intermediate / Advanced
    Two-Sided Rubber   ✓